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A life not lived according to your own authentic expression, is merely a life lived in the shadow of someone else’s expression, be bold, and live life on your terms.

Curtis Dean Harrier


Ben Azadia
During our session I was able to recall memories that I thought had faded away forever. It was very surreal being able to relive moments early in my life that I had completely forgotten. Curtis was able to ask the right questions for me to open up and dig deep inside. His process is unlike any other I've ever experienced. I left our session feeling uplifted and with less weight on my shoulders.

Owner of Live Free Crossfit & SHREDFAT Inc.

Jason Bigelow
I have always been charismatic and have had many successes in life, but also many failures. I could never understand why I seemed to always self sabotage every time I had a productive company going or any other profitable venture. I have tried many self help books and have gone to several big seminars promising big results, but none of it provided the dramatic changes I seemed to need. After working with Curtis on the very first session, I was immediately challenged in a way I have never experienced before. He helped me uncover some serious stories I was holding onto from my childhood that were holding me back in ways I was not even aware. I worked with him one on one for several months as he led through some revolutionary exercises that literally helped me redefine who I was as a person. I have been empowered and am living life more carefree and powerful than I ever have before.

Founding partner of AIM Integrated Solutions

Jayson Gaddis
Curtis is a warrior. He is deeply committed to helping you get the results you want in your life and he has just the tools to get you there.

Relationship Expert & Host of The Smart Couple Podcast

Dr. Jay Breitlow

New Leaf Chiropractic Longmont

Kyle Hulsebus Relationship Shift

Kyle's relationship with his family increased 10X after one exercise with Curtis

Lexis Milisic
I first met Curtis at a job I was just starting, in a field I quickly realized I was not too fond of.  We instantly connected on a special level, the kind that doesn't happen every day, but the kind that lasts for a lifetime. It was completely unexpected, a reminder that magic is always around.

Curtis’ compassion, intuition, and deep knowledge make him not only a beautiful being, but a trustworthy and strong Coach/Friend. In his company, with his words, I feel safe, guided, and completely open. He creates a space where vulnerability is of favor, a place of growth and self-empowerment.

Together we have honestly dived into me, into places where I can help better understand myself- my whys, my hows, my whats, etc. Curtis challenges you, while creating a comfortable space around your personal uncomfortables (just made up this word up).

I am grateful for you Curtis - for your guided structure, your mind, your heart, your Truth. And for our weird talks about the universe and such.

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