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Introducing The Founder: Curtis Harrier

Curtis Harrier is an international Human Behavior Specialist consultant, and has a cross discipline and expertise in the mind body connection. As a Demartini Method® Facilitator and a licensed Demartini Values Application Facilitator, Curtis specializes in helping his clients identify and remove mental barriers, such as past pain, fear, guilt, and remorse, creating space for self-actulazation, authentic expression, more love, fulfillment, and greater authenticity, expanding their awareness, potential, and influence. With Curtis’ assistance, individuals will shift their perceptions to produce marked improvements in myriad aspects of life, such as, personal and professional relationship dynamics, leadership, career productivity, problem solving, reaction to stress, perception of challenges, and emotional well-being. Curtis also offers individuals a new profound insight and way to decode messages from their body, so they can bring wellness and wholeness to their lives.

Curtis specializes in both private life and private sectors, and generates solutions that work for both one-on-one, family, couples, and business consulting. If you are ready to enhance fulfillment, love, authentic expression, leadership, productivity, and enjoyment, please contact Curtis for a private consultation.