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Discovering The AUTHENTIC You

POSTED BY Elite Mondays | Jul, 04, 2016 |

Have you ever wondered what you truly valued in life and who you are? Well, I have, and more than one time over the course of my life. My days were spent in a professional acting school, catching waves along the California coast, and throwing an occasional taco Tuesday party at my pool. I had a job at the time that covered all my expenses, with not much room left to do anything else. I was a dedicated individual to the craft of acting, and my dream, to be able to INSPIRE individuals from all over the world to live an extraordinary life. How I was going to inspire them, well I didn’t have any solid tools to provide people with, except you have to believe in your dream and never give up. There was a study done in Hollywood, they found out unless you value yourself and believe in yourself more than others, the probability of being a star and successful was very low.


Acting truly wasn’t my inspiration, I thought at the time when I become famous everyone would love me because I truly didn’t VALUE myself or know myself. I didn’t know what my core values were, so it was very hard to say where I wanted to go with my life, let alone take the necessary action steps on how to achieve something that wasn’t very clear in my mind. Years later, I was blessed to meet a man who saw something in me more magnificent than I ever saw in myself. That man told me “you can either be a victim of your history or a master of your destiny.” That statement changed my entire perspective. 


Our CORE VALUES dictate our DESTINY, I don’t know about you, but to understand your core values and others is one of the first steps to understanding how to master your life. Everyone lives by a set of CORE VALUES of what is most important to least important. If you ask a new mother what is most meaningful to her, you can certainly guarantee she is going to say her baby and family. If you ask a man who is the head of a major corporation, you’ll see his value is running and expanding the business. That example may be a bit stereotypical, but you get the point. You’re either living by your core values consciously or subconsciously. Learning your core values allows you to start taking action steps so you can dictate YOUR OWN AUTHENTIC DESTINY, regardless if you are just discovering them consciously or running your own business. Once I truly discovered what my core values were, it allowed me to get crystal clear and start taking the necessary action steps to write the script to my life, instead of living someone else’s story.


Here are four steps you can use to start taking action in your life:


  1. Get CLEAR on what is most meaningful and important in your life. That no one has to get you out of bed to do, that you are automatically inspired from within to take on.
  2. WRITE IT DOWN. Don’t hold your goals and vision for your life in your head. It was a game changer for me once I started to actually write out my goals and my vision for my life.  
  3. AFFIRM IT! Set up reminders in your phone, repeat it to yourself daily, hourly, do whatever it takes for you to start actually feeling it, and seeing the evidence of it coming true. You can either plant flowers in the garden of your mind or weeds it’s up to YOU.
  4. TAKE ACTION! Make a daily list of the highest priority actions steps. Chunk the steps down into small steps that are actually realistic and obtainable everyday.


Whenever you are living congruently to your core values you activate the executive center portion of the brain and maximize your goals achievement with the highest amount of self-governance.The moment we do that, stress reduction starts to happen and we’re rewarded with more vitality and inspiration.

I’ll leave you with a quote “To know and to not act, is in fact, to really not KNOW.”