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The Ten Step Action Plan To Get Your Partner Back In Bed So You Can Hit Home Runs Together

POSTED BY Elite Mondays | Aug, 05, 2016 |
  1. Re-establish connection with yourself on what is most meaningful and inspiring to you outside of the relationship. For example, working out everyday, reading what you love to learn about, focusing on your career.
  2. Focus on what you are most confident in and the state of mind that originally got you in the relationship.
  3. Look deep and see how the non-connection is benefiting the relationship.
  4. Step back, hold your partner as if you had water in your hand and didn’t want to lose it, do not squeeze, lighten up on the grip very loosely, allowing them all the space they need, and do not force anything. Everyone has spent time alone and it’s ok to spend a few days with little communication between each other.
  5. Don’t beg or become needy. If you don’t follow this step, your partner is not only going to become more distant, but they’re not going to want to lick all the salt and sugar off your body. Simply stating, your sex life is going to fizzle out and not sizzle up. When your partner is ready to come around again, be all you can be, and yes, that means sexually.
  6. Understand that masturbation is healthy in a relationship when not used excessively or for quick fixes (seeking a dopamine rush) or emotional pain. Use it in a way to not be reliant on your partner all the time for any kind of sex. When the honeymoon phase wears off, remember this step.
  7. Stand firm in who you are, and see how the pain that you’re feeling is benefitting you (get very specific on what exactly you’re wanting from your partner that you’re not receiving).
  8. Understand this happens in every relationship and helps transcend the two of you to new levels of love and understanding for each other.
  9. If your partner truly matters to you, you will endure the pain and pleasure that comes along with being in a intimate relationship.
  10. Read and apply steps 1-9 again and again until your behavior changes.


When we start to say you’re always this way or I never do that, labeling your partner begins. Meaning anything that you split your consciousness and unconsciousness into you store in your memory or imagination as baggage, which brings in more challenges, and bigger wars into the relationship. Simply stating if it’s challenging you, just know it’s your button being pushed and you have something to work on. 

This baggage starts to build up, weighing you down, and following you wherever you go. If you or someone you know, would love to feel lighter, enhance intimate communication, and decrease blame, go to my site Book a free Authenticity Call now and fill out a complimentary call form, so I can start to assist you in knocking these challenges and resentments out of the park.